Transformed is Here!

I couldn't be more excited about my new book, Transformed–A New Way of Being Christian. Check out the video to the right and I also hope you'll buy the book and share with everyone you know!  Find it here on Amazon.

Finding Your True Identity

Here is an article that I did for the Verge Network. It will encourage you...
2 hours ago
Movement Day - NYC special for you! only $49… Select Registration Track Guest Registration, Enter passphrase “UND14”
4 days ago
#WayofLife Discipleship is the only mission of the church and the lifestyle Jesus died to give us. #SmallisBig
4 days ago
@ApexGrowing God was good to us all!
5 days ago
Rockin' hard out in Dallas with @hughhalter and @brandonhatmaker and @tray_pruet !
6 days ago
@jtgott I'm sorry brother, I do not.